In depth, contextual workshops designed to be FUN, useful, and immediately applicable to YOUR scenario.


A look behind the scenes of the latest Jesus Culture album.

Look over my shoulder and learn the production tricks, keys/synth concepts and stories behind the album.

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My live setup and strategy… detailed

Recorded in Fall 2015. Learn the tools and tricks I use to dramatically shape sound and texture live with Jesus Culture.

Learn how to apply it to both MAINSTAGE and ABLETON

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Live tracks don’t have to be hard, stressful or restrictive.

Recorded in Fall 2015. Learn the exact method I use to create Jesus Culture’s live tracks in Ableton.

Keep your live sets spontaneous and FUN!

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How much silence is too much? What’s the best way to create seamless transitions? How do you allow for spontaneous while still keeping some amount of intentionality between songs?

In this 90 minute workshop, I share from over 10 years experience with Jesus Culture, Bethel, and more.

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A complete, comprehensive training on drones, textures, and the art of single note ambiance

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