Free Seminar – Sound Design Intensive

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Free Training: Sound Design Intensive.  3 Classes To Create Amazing Sounds

In this FREE 6 hour workshop, I will go in depth into specific methods used to create amazing patches. Split into three 2 hour sessions, each session is focused on a specific kind of sound.  At the end of the day, all attendees will have what they need to go and create amazing pads, pianos, and synths on their workstation – be it software such as Reason, Omnisphere, or Logic… or hardware such as Nord Stages, Korg Kronos or Yamaha Motifs.

The entire workshop is streamed LIVE from my home studio.  I use my computer to show real examples that are applicable to nearly any skill level, as well as any “class” of gear.  I focus on giving real CONTEXT in order to help you understand how different concepts will apply in the real world.

Who should attend: This workshop is applicable to both studio musicians and live performers. Though not necessary, I would encourage attendees to have watched my Keyboard And Synth Bootcamp – currently available for purchase on my website. Any skill level from Beginner (what’s a synth) to Advanced (owns 50 keyboards and soft synths) will find something to get out of this free workshop and are encouraged to attend.

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[Newbie Video] Glossary – “What does ___ mean?”

In this lengthy lengthy video.. I go into detail with examples on what some of the generic terms you’ll hear on a worship team stage mean. If you’re someone new to any sort of worship band dynamic, or never figured out what things like “Spacey, Analog, etc” mean… this video is for you!

Reason Users: the file used in this video can be found… for free!