Still can’t believe I’m in a Mitch Gallagher interview!  Ha!

In this video we talk about my role at Jesus Culture, as well as our history as a ministry… and a whole host of other things.  Thanks Sweetwater!

This video is a preview of the Patches Event I did with Multitracks in Feb 2015, I share the concept behind LAYERING from a sound design perspective.  Sometimes the best way to create huge sounds is to keep layering until it sounds awesome.  Watch the video for a few examples!

Taken from the Sweewater + Multitracks Event in Feb 2015, I share some basics on how I layout my Live Set, and share a few cool things I like to do with it.  If you’re interested in the methods I use to create these effects, templates, etc… visit my Products page and look for my Ableton courses.

This is a video taken from the Sweetwater event I did with Multitracks in Feb of 2015.  In it I share my theory and approach to performing live with a computer, while running tracks.  A lot of practical tips here.